Animal Licks

It is said that whilst trekking through Asia, Alexander the Great rested his horses. The horses started to vociferously lick the rocks, which startled the horseman. Upon closer investigation they found that the rocks actually tasted of salt – a vital mineral required for optimal functioning of all human and animal cellular health.

What is a Himalayan Salt lick?

A Himalayan Salt lick is sourced from sedimentary rock in the Himalayan Mountain region, comprised of minerals, elements and salts. Typically these rocks are broken down into smaller stones (licks) which can be fixed to easily accessible outdoor or stable appliances. The animals are then able to freely use these rocks as a means to supplement their diet with these additional minerals, metals and salts. These licks are literally rock hard, meaning that your animals cannot bite them. A broad spectrum of animals, particularly herbivores, use these licks to ‘self dose’ and get their essential nutrients like Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Calcium and of course Sodium.

Benefits and features to your farm animals or pets’ health and performance:

• 100% natural
• A variety of shapes and sizes (1kg-5kg)
• Solid – avoid biting
• Weather resistant

• More than 80 minerals and trace elements
• Prevent disease from mineral deficiency
• Supports muscle contraction and nerve impulses
• Supports immune system