Himalayan Salt Shot

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Tea Light Candle Holders

Himalayan pink salt has the ability to purify the air. The mineral that serves as a healthier alternative to table salt in cooking is gaining popularity in other uses like salt lamps, salt caves and salt candle holders. Salt candle holders are exactly what the name says – they are made of salt, and they hold candles. Aside from the pretty pink glow they cast, using salt candle holders has been found to have many benefits. Some of these benefits include deodorising air, reducing asthma attacks and improving respiration.

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Shot glass

Salt, as we know, has been heralded through the centuries as a means of supporting life through giving taste, curing meats, treating bacterial infections and even used once as currency.


Who would have thought we could even drink from salt beakers.

We introduce to you, our unique Shot Glasses. These magnificent shooters are hand carved from our same high quality natural pink rock salt, are naturally food grade and impart a subtle salty flavour to your shot. They add a fun and authentic experience to any occasion.

These glasses can also be used as sipping glasses, however this will allow for more salt to be infused with your drink the longer the liquid is left in the glass. A personal choice.

Salt is naturally antibacterial and super stable, which means these glasses will go many rounds. However, once the shot has been take, turn the glass upside down to ensure no erosion by any remaining spirits. You can also simply wipe the glass inside with a cloth or tissue.

As this is natural salt product, their colour may vary from shades of white to a deep red.