Bulk Edible Salt

Having invested in our own processing/packing facilities, approved laboratory and highly skilled staff in Pakistan, we have become an established supplier of high quality, laboratory tested edible salt to Governments, Food manufacturers, Therapeutic/Healing Centres, HORECA, and the retail trade around the world.

Should you be interested in importing directly from our facilities in Pakistan, we welcome your request for further information at [email protected] or through our Contact form on this website.

We are able to cater to a range of permutations that are unique to you and your brand. That goes from granular size and salt purity through to different pack formats such as stand up zip lock pouch, glass grinder sets, plastic grip bottles, glass jars, etc. Once we have your initial supply enquiry then we can start to formulate your specific needs and achieve the high quality product your brand deserves.

Our Products


Powder Pink

0.0 – 0.2mm


Standard Fine Pink

0.2 – 0.5mm


Small Coarse Pink

1.0 – 2.0mm


Medium Coarse Pink

1.0 – 3.0mm


Large Coarse Pink

2.0 – 4.0mm


Extra Coarse Pink

4.0 – 6.0mm

What is Himalayan edible/gourmet salt?

Himalayan edible/gourmet salt is mined in large slabs from deep beneath the Red Hills of Kalabagh. The slabs are washed by hand and then broken down to the required sizes. The salt is screened for heavy metal deposits. Only the purest, safest Himalayan salt is passed as food grade salt which is edible.

Himalayan edible/gourmet salt has a pale pink to orange colour depending on the mineral content. The pink colour is from the iron oxide present in the salt. The salty taste of the salt is from sodium chloride. Including iron oxide and sodium chloride, Himalayan edible/gourmet salt contains 94* different trace minerals, some of which include potassium, calcium, sulphur, iodine, copper and magnesium.

Himalayan edible/gourmet salt has many benefits over refined table salt and even sea salt. The salt that is mined from 5000 feet below the Himalayas is free of contaminants from pollution that makes its way into the sea. When table salt is processed, nearly all the minerals and thereby the nutrient content are stripped from the salt leaving only sodium chloride behind. Table salt is also bleached in a process that could add toxic chemicals to the salt.

In comparison, Himalayan edible/gourmet salt retains its full nutrient value and has no toxic chemical added to it. The taste and flavour of the salt, when used in cooking, is also superior to table salt because of the variety of minerals present. It also has a number of health benefits that the table salt lacks.


Health benefits of Himalayan edible/gourmet salt

The health benefits include:

• Improved digestion
• Blood sugar regulation
• Blood pressure regulation
• Improved circulation
• Improved and more restful sleep
• Regulation of water in the body
• Improved vascular health
• Improved bone strength
• Improved kidney and gallbladder function


How to use Himalayan edible/gourmet salt

Himalayan edible/gourmet salt is used as a substitute to table salt. The salt can be used in regular cooking as well as a finishing salt. People on a low sodium diet can enjoy the taste of salt by using Himalayan edible/gourmet salt instead of table salt. It adds its own unique flavour to food because of the different minerals.

Himalayan edible/gourmet salt is available as a fine powder and as coarse crystals at Peaksalt.

* Institute of Biophysical Research, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. June 2001

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